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Your investment in the Sapphire Credit Improvement Program is

- A one-time enrollment of $297 
- And a monthly investment of $147

Once enrolled, you must be willing to commit to 6-9 months of service. (Service time may vary)


Obtain Credit Monitoring

You are required to obtain an online tri-merge credit monitoring subscription from MyScoreIQ.

This subscription service MUST be maintained throughout the credit improvement process.

NOTE: Credit Karma and other third-party membership sites CAN NOT be used with this program.


Complete the onboarding process

You must complete the Sapphire Credit Improvement Program Onboarding Process.

This process includes submitting your documentation, signing contracts, and providing your credit monitoring login information.

Once you complete onboarding, you receive instructions on how to access your secure client portal.

*Results May Vary*  Sapphire Credit Consultants is a Subset of The Financial Pilot